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About us

"The future has arrived in Hackney Wick in the form of The Yard" - Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

The Yard is a theatre and music venue in a converted warehouse in Hackney Wick.

Built out of salvaged material by a group of 50 dedicated volunteers led by Artistic Director Jay Miller, we are committed to telling contemporary stories in contemporary ways.

In six years, our work has been seen by hundreds of thousands of people. Shows we have made have transferred to the National Theatre, been turned into television series and toured the U.K.

We have become a necessity in theatre, upending traditions to fill the gap between performance and writing.


Artistic Director
Jay Miller
Executive Director
Sam Hansford
Finance & Operations Manager
Jack Haynes
Theatre Producer
Ashleigh Wheeler
Marketing & Communications Manager
Alex Krook
Local Producer
Katherine Igoe-Ewer
Assistant Producer
Lara Tysseling
Development Officer
Gareth Cutter
Finance & Administration Assistant
Kellie Grogan
Music & Events Producer
Ben Bishop
Music & Events Coordinator
Fauzia Habib
Production & Venue Coordinator
Jessica Barter
Theatre Technician
James Dawson
Bar & Venue Manager
Felix Yoosefinejad
Assistant Bar & Venue Manager
Olivia Carr-Archer
Bar Duty Manager
Unique Spencer
Front of House Manager
Alex Farrell
Front of House team
Bryanna Kelly
Reda Kisieliute
Josefine Reich
Jane Quan
Lucy Carasco
Giulia Vitiello
Rincen Caravacci
Jesse Jones
Maya Carter Birch
Elinora Wood
Rudolphe Mdlongwa
Sarah-Louise Maillet
Kay Adedeji
Artistic Associates
Josh Azouz
Cheryl Gallacher
Dan Hutton
Greg Wohead
Gbolahan Obisesan
Board of Trustees
Greg Delaney
Yenny Chong
Antony Gummett
Jay Miller
Ben Rogers
Robin Saphra
Anna Vaughan
Carolyn Ward
Friends & Guardians
Francesco Curto & Chantal Rivest
The David Pearlman Charitable Foundation
Greg Delaney
Ian & Janet Edmondson
Laura Hodgson
Nick Hytner
Melanie Johnson
Joanna Kennedy
Robin Saphra
Clive & Sally Sherling
Studio Bark
Anna Vaughan & Dan Fletcher
Archie Ward
Carolyn Ward
Max Ward
Hyman Wolanski
Stephanie Yeap
And all our supporters who prefer to remain anonynous

A big thank you to our supporters