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If you’re interested in making work at The Yard, you’ve come to the right place.

The Yard is about new ideas and voices that need to be heard.

We stage stories that aren’t being told. The Yard has been home to stories exploring the rise of right wing voices, capitalism, immigration, gender, identity, love and violence. The difficulty to connect and the need to connect.

The stories we tell can’t be told in any other form than in a theatre. Our interests bridge the worlds of classical theatre and contemporary performance or Live Art. The Yard is a place for artists to expose stories and to tell them in a live space with an audience.

We work with all kinds of artists – writers, directors, makers, and performers, offering different platforms and opportunities. These are:

  • 1 night sharings of new ideas in Live Drafts
  • NEXT festival – a new festival for artists we think are the Next Big Thing, presenting 2 night runs in double bill
  • For NOW festival we invite 10 artists at the top of their game to perform in double bill for 5 nights
  • 2 weeks runs of work presented by companies in collaboration with The Yard
  • 3-5 week runs produced by The Yard

So if you’re an artist who wants to work at The Yard, below are some suggestions on how to get in touch.

You might want to look at our ARCHIVE to get a sense of our work. 

Live Drafts

If you’ve got a new idea you’d like to develop with us, you can submit it to Live Drafts.

Live Drafts is a chance for ideas to be developed and tested in front of an audience.

We offer the theatre for a night to present a sharing in double bill with another artist.

Live Drafts is the start of a journey with us. It is a chance for us to meet new artists, for you to meet us, and to explore together what new ideas might fuel The Yard’s future program.

Our next Live Drafts festival will be in summer 2020, and submissions will open in the spring.


Have a script you’d like us to read? We’d love to hear from you! We open submissions for scripts for a select period every year.

Submissions for scripts are currently closed. The next deadline for sending us your writing will be later in 2020. Keep an eye out on this page.


If you have a finished show you’d like to invite us to, please do get in touch.

Send a few lines about your work and why you think it’s right for The Yard along with the invite.

If we think it sounds like a good fit, we’ll get back asking you to put a ticket aside. This will either be for someone from the core team, or for one of our trusted Artistic Associates.

Watching your work is an introduction to your voice and style.

Our relationships progress through collaboration, Live Drafts, commissions and conversation.

N.B.  We almost never transfer a show that has been on elsewhere in London.

Please remember that if you’re inviting us to see your work we need plenty of notice, four weeks plus.

Email to tell us about your work, or invite us to a performance.

Yard Young Artists

The Yard proudly runs Yard Young Artists, a theatre-making programme of work for local children and young people, aged 4 to 19 years. This programme is driven by a team of lead artists and facilitators


For more information about working with our incredible young artists, see here.