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You, Me, The World and Hackney Wick

01 October — 31 December

Hackney Wick is changing… let’s talk.

From October to December 2017, The Yard Theatre has joined forces with take stock exchange to bring people together through storytelling. Working over several months, we will meet various groups from all different walks of life, united by their connections to the Wick. Working with a huge variety of different people, we’ll share thoughts, have conversations and collect stories. Once we’ve built up an inventory of stories, we’ll go back to all the groups we visited and explore new stories from other groups.

This may see us swap the stories of the construction workers in Griddlers Cafe with the stories of 4 year olds, or tales from the boating community with the local Bingo group. Who knows, but we’re excited to find out.

Come and see the free performance on January 13th, with a free community meal beforehand.


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How to get involved

We’re speaking to lots of people across Hackney Wick, but we’re still looking for more! If you would like to be involved, or think you have a group that we should definitely speak to, please get in touch with Katherine (see contact us).



About take stock exchange

take stock exchange is made up of two artists: Nick Cassenbaum and Olly Hawes.


take stock exchange collect stories.

take stock exchange share stories.

take stock exchange enable people to tell stories, and to listen to stories.

People feel increasingly disconnected from the places they live, and the people they live and work with. take stock exchange’s single aim is to address this issue by encouraging empathy and developing civic pride by creating a dialogue through difference. Through the power of storytelling we can all create, contribute to and live in a healthier, happier and more progressive world.

Their work enables people to express, connect, imagine, empathise and see everyday surroundings in a new light, creating a dialogue through difference – whatever that difference might be: age, body, economic, ethnic, political, religious.

They enable people to explore, celebrate and question commonality and differences; the past, present and future of themselves and the places they live and work.

Contact us

For more information, or to get involved, please contact Katherine Igoe-Ewer.


Call: 0203 111 0570

Text: 07462051997