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Beaming w/ Mama Snake, Mr Assister, Jim Janco & CP Nailor

18 May — 19 May

Beaming returns refreshed and revitalised after a year-long hiatus, delivering an abundant smorgasbord of delights to assist® with your aural –> kinaesthetic realisations.

Following a serendipitous dancefloor encounter in Friedrichshain, we are most excited to welcome eternal ectotherm Mama Snake, all the way from Copenhagen. Joining her will be local heroes, Jim Janco and CP Nailor, who need little in the way of introduction.

∞ Featuring:

∞ extra late-license opening hours ∞ supplemented beefy sound system (vegan) ∞ (semi-)professional smoke machine ∞ flowing nag sticks ∞ help yourself fruit on-demand (non-vegan) ∞

∞ Disc Jockey lineup:

Mama Snake
Jim Janco 
CP Nailor
Mr Assister

£10 OTD

Visual assistance from Miss O. Ghosh