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Earthly Measures: Lagartijeando w/ Coro Qom Chelaappi & Tim Garcia

20 July

This is a really special one!

Earthly Measures #10
The Yard
20th July 2018

Tim Garcia (Jazz FM/Música Macondo)
Earthly Measures

We will be taking over The Yard once more, this time joining us are Argentinian producer & DJ Lagartijeando!

Lagartijeando came to our attention after his breakthrough album last year on Wonderwheel Records which became easily one of our favourite records of 2017. He was raised on rhythms of the Argentinian backwoods and dips his dance tracks in country folk gold where chacareras, huaynos, and vidalas two step with jungle and electronica. Shaman chant and charango guitar loops are the backbone of Lagartijeando’s signature style. Native voices are the backbeat to percussion and bass tracks with organ melodies combining cumbia and psychedelic noise.

We invite Tim Garcia back once more, one of our favourite DJ’s in London, always a pleasure for the Jazz FM & Musica Macondo man to play with us!

Do not miss out!