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Eastern Margins x PLUR: x/o, Mun Sing, Englesia, DJ Pussiephuss

18 April

Balance & equilibriums; light & night. The equinox is a time of a transition. Come welcome the turn of the seasons (and the Easter Bank Holiday) with Eastern Margins and UNITI as we enter Spring with a trailblazing ensemble of East & South-East Asian audiovisual artists.

An instalment of PLUR (Peace Love UNITI Rave), a UNITI event series with themes of original rave culture prioritising womxn of and nonbinary & LGBTQ+ folks of colour, in collaboration with Eastern Margins a collective dedicated to creating space in London for East & South-East Asia(ns) music.

***We are committed to making this night a safe + comfortable space for everyone. We will be taking active, practical steps to ensure that this is an inclusive environment and will be actively enforcing our safe space and accessibility policies. ZERO TOLERANCE ON SEXUAL HARASSMENT, ANY -ISM’S, YELLOW FEVER OR ANY OTHER DODGY SHIT.***


Line up:


MUN SING (live)

Englesia (live)

DJ Pussiephuss (DJ)

Eastern Margins Allstars (DJ)


10.3Opm – 4am