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EM x Bitten Peach: Celestial Cabaret w/ Corin, Yaya Bones & more

18 October

On Friday 18 October, Eastern Margins and The Bitten Peach are taking you to the stars. We’re teaming up to present a Celestial Cabaret, a constellation of talent spanning live audiovisual music performances, contemporary dance, scream-with-your-lungs singalongs and everything in between.

The Bitten Peach is a Pan-Asian performance collective featuring the UK’s legendary Asian queens, kings and creatures, drawn from the diaspora and beyond. Eastern Margins is dedicated to showcasing music from E&SE Asia(ns). We’re incredibly excited to make this beautiful collision happen.

CORIN Live A/V (Melbourne, Bedouin Records)

Corin’s music is a tribute to cyberpunk: a collection of sounds pulled from club mutations, technology utopias and lustful dreams. Drenched in intricate melodies and textures, her productions weave a musical tapestry that wouldn’t be out of place in a Baroque court.

Classically trained at the Sydney Conservatory, Corin’s live show utilises her virtuoso grasp of the piano to manipulate samples from beyond the ghost in the shell. Paired with Tristan Jalleh’s stunning visuals, the whole spectacle is transfixing: pulling at the duality between human expression and cold, mechanical precision.

YaYa Bones (London)
Yaya Bones is the grandchild of the witches the Patriarchy failed to burn.

Growing up in the limbo-like trance that can only come with a childhood in a small town bordering England & Wales, Yaya Bones’ spirit was born wandering through forests & swamps, ruins & fields. They’ve been carving out the warpath for a queer society beyond gender binaries & structural opression forever, including, not least, with their Shadow Sistxrs Fight Club – which teaches physical & meta-phyical self defence classes for women, nb & QTIPOC in London.

We are very, very excited to welcome the return of Yaya Bones to the musical stage. In their own words: it’s dream & bass, it’s protest music for witches. It’s music that witches, magical people and people who are on the fringes of society’s expectations can stomp their feet and get angry with.

Marianne Cheesecake (Live)
Marianne is an international burlesque performer. Her show will leave her name sizzling on on the tip of your tounge forever more.

A forbidden treat, she is the embodiment of provocation and humour. Born and raised in Canada with a Hong Kong history, Having honed her skills in a society past which was less diverse, less inclusive: Marianne is an incredibly experienced performer. Classically trained, she brings over 15 years of experience in theatre and creative movement.


Lilly SnatchDragon (Live)
Lilly is Burlesque Performer, who enjoys long walks on the beach, british passports and controversial South-East Asian Stereotypes.

She is also a founder of the Bitten Peach, which she created alongside Shay Shay & Evelyn Carnate as a rebuttal to the white faces sporting floral bathrobes masquerading as Kimonos. In her own words, their aim was to: “re-centre Asian voices and faces in these celebrations of our culture. We want the collective to have a broad reach, and represent as many facets of performance art as possible.”

Taste the peach: Eastern Legends with performers from The Bitten Peach at The RVT on Wednesday 27th February

Jason Kwan Music (Live)
Burgeoning forth with dark, brooding pop ballads, Jason Kwan champions queer-Asian narratives in his pop music and is connecting with his audience through filling the gap in today’s conversation on queer-Asian representation.

Hailing from Hong Kong, Jason moved to the UK at the age of 14 by himself to further his training in jazz and classical music. Steeled on the performance circuit, Jason relieves his sorrow, contemplation, and defiance through his music.

Kaajel Patel (Live)
Kaajel will be serving a banquet of sensual dances. Up to no good when she’s whipping up a feast, this will be a performance poised at the edge of seduction.

Juniper Lai (DJ)
Cantopop DJ Queen, Diva Host and Every night’s best dressed: Juniper’s star is rising. Expect a set full of hair whipping which will leave your neck (spiritually) broken.

Big Wang (DJ)
Big Wang leads the line for the Eastern Margins Syndicate, with a sleeve full of pop music and a bouquet of pure club ecstasy.

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