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Emperor Recordings 29.06

29 June

On the 29th of June we Emperor Recordings will be celebrating our wider music scene with 3 unique guests.

Mark Standen
– Bossman at @mile_end_high_club, Mark has been touring round east London with his music seminars bringing context to the music we love.

Rob Goss
– One of the finest musicians from the ends and a dear friend. Rob Goss has a natural understanding towards the deeper side of dance music.

Luke Soithongsuk
– A very real head. A true connoisseur of 90s UK Dance music and an inspiration to the whole scene.



Mark Standen b2b Luke Soithongsuk – Hip Hop

Rob Goss b2b Tyrees – Real Music and Larry Heard Vibes (DEEP)

Juk Juk – Techno, Acid, Electro

Pembroke – Own Sounds & Some Fast Loopy Detroit Stuff

Tyrees b2b Luke Soithongsuk – Jungle/DnB

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