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House of Revlon: Let it Rain MiniBall

31 January

Faye and Cai Revlon Presents

The Yard Theatre Bar, Hackney Wick

Legendary Edwin Revlon
International Prince Romeo Ebony
Ami Milan
Maji Miyake Mugler


DJ: Jay Jay Revlon


OLD WAY OTA: Singing in the Rain (1 trophy)
Bring it to the judges in a look inspired by any look in the classic film Singing in the Rain.

NEW WAY OTA: Purple Rain (1 trophy) **CASH PRIZE £100**
Prince is one of the most innovative artists of our time. Bring it inspired by Prince’s ‘Purple Rain’ and show us how innovative your new way can be. In honour of our legendary judge and our host Faye tonight NEW WAY IS FOR THE CASH!

REALNESS OTA: BBC Weather Reporter (1 trophy)
You’re the most familiar (MF or FF) weather person of prime time TV. You’re a weather reporter ready for the next BBC weather forecast broadcast.

FACE OTA: Silver lining (1 trophy)
The saying goes that every cloud has a silver lining. Bring it in a silver look and let your beauty shine through even the darkest and gloomiest of days.

SEX SIREN OTA: It’s Raining Men (1 trophy)
The dancers in The Weather Girls ‘It’s Raining Men’ are dressed in Rain Macs and not much else. Bring it in a look incorporating a rain mac.

ALL AMERICAN RUNWAY OTA: Wellingtons (1 Trophy)
Take the most infamous of weather proof footwear, the wellington boot as your starting point/inspiration for your look. Be creative.

EUROPEAN RUNWAY OTA: Missy Elliot’s The Rain (1 trophy):
Bring it to the runway in the look inspired by Missy Elliots famous “plastic bag” look from the video for “The Rain”.

TAG TEAM BABY VOGUE OTA: Rainbow and pot of gold (1 trophy)
The sun has come out through the rain and there’s a rainbow in the distance! One of you is the rainbow and the other the pot of gold.

Show us how no amount of rain or terrible weather will stop you from your look being ON POINT. Bring us a winter/weatherproof look that is undeniable.

FF PERFORMANCE: RiRi’s Umbrella (performance with a prop) (1 trophy)
Bring it in look from the iconic video for ‘Umbrella’ that propelled Rihanna to global superstardom. Umbrella mandatory for 10s.

BQVF: Acid Rain (1 trophy)
Pollution can cause rainfall to become acidic, resulting in environmental harm. Bring it in yellow and black the colours of hazard/warning signs and the famous acid house smiley face ☺

TWISTER: Twister/tornado (1 trophy)
You’re bringing us a storm! Show us why you’re the fiercest twister out here! Bring it in the colour grey.

Any questions please don’t hesitate to contact Cai (George HW on fb) or Faye