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Knickerbocker: Late Night Feels

08 November

Feel them on and on and on, on and on, on and on, those late night feelings, at the last Knickerbocker of the year! Don’t cry – save it for the dancefloor! We’ll provide the 5am license, you bring the emotional baggage. (Last time we were particularly impressed by the number of you who copped a lot of late night feelings against the transit van outside. With winter rolling in, we anticipate the action returning to the darkness of the dancefloor). Lovely!

Alongside residents Lawless & Zimbra’s esoteric pop-y, house-y, dance-y selections, there will ANOTHER DJ. possibly a famous one. Possibly an infamous one. It won’t be Mark Ronson.

And returning to the stage for the first time since her infamous New Year’s Eve turn is Knickerbocker’s artist in residence Katy Baird – we’ve missed her! An advanced warning – this show involves bodily excretions. As ever, we will sell out, so get the cheap tix whilst they’re still available – as we saw last time, it also speeds up the queue! xxxx

Knickerbocker is East London’s friendliest queer dance party. As ever, no racism; misogyny; transphobia; homophobia, body, slut or kink shaming will be tolerated. Knickerbocker is a safe space for you to have a good time. Please look after yourselves and respect each other. Life, Love, Liberty and all requests are at the DJ’s discretion.

Email for limited skint list