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NOW Lates: Edited Arts

06 February

Edited X The Yard Now Lates Presents:

> Oli XL
> Iceboy Violet
> Special Guest TBA **

As part of The Yard’s Now Series we host a late night, post-theatre session. Spanning rave sounds, performance art and vocal experimentation.

Oli XL (DJ) (Bloom / PAN / posh isolation) –

Stockholm-based artist Oli XL is one of the most interesting young producers pushing next gen, high-concept club music in and around Europe. He joins us just off the back of a debut album ‘Rogue Intruder, Soul Enhancer’ – released in summer 2019- included in many end of year lists, including ours.

As a DJ, Oli incorporates all of his production nuance with an affinity for the UK’s hardcore continuum, filtered through a zeitgeist aesthetic for an eclectic array of dancefloor euphoria. Check out his NTS & Rinse shows for a taste.


Iceboy Violet (LIVE) (Tobago Tracks / boygirl / Mutualism) –

Iceboy Violet is a producer//vocalist re-appropriating the energy, emotionality and spirit of resistance of grime music to challenge issues such as toxic masculinity. Giving voice to anxieties, anger and defiance as personal and collective catharsis.


CÉCI (LIVE) (The Astral Plane) –

CÈCI is a Danish sound designer, singer and 360° artist. Her dance background and vocal approach guide the performance of deeply intimate pop alongside contemporary club motifs. 2019 welcomed CÈCI’s release “Vortex” on Astral Plane Recordings – a sonically and emotionally sensual EP.



**Special Guest TBA**