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Sila (صلة): London-Palestine Music Exchange Tour

27 July

Underpinning the burgeoning musical partnerships between Palestine and London comes Sila (صلة) – a vibrant musical exchange tour that celebrates the movement of local grassroots music scenes and the artists at the forefront of their music revolutions.

This July, Haifa’s Kabareet founders and Ramallah’s Makimakkuk,and DAKN will team up with their London peers – the founders of Beauty and the Beat (BATB) and Brilliant Corners for a 4-city exchange tour. Over the span of two weekends, these ten leading artists and producers will perform in Ramallah, Haifa and Jerusalem, then they will fly the party to the British capital for an overnight musical invasion of London’s The Yard.

18/07 HAIFA @ Kabreet
20/07 RAMALLAH @ Radio
27/07 LONDON @ The Yard

What to expect?

Live shows and DJ sets of Balearic, electronica, soul, disco, techno, trap, – samples, loops, reverb and bass. Producers meet their intercontinental peers for a full night of music, dance and sound systems where music waves unite under one roof and sounds resonate deeply rooted in history, geography and a belief in human unity.