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24 June 2019

all good artists are dead talk to us about their upcoming Live Draft about an artist in crisis: Who’s Afraid of Anton Chekhov?

Describe your Live Draft in 3 words.

Sexy, strange, funny

Tell us a bit more about your idea and what led you to make it.

Who’s Afraid of Anton Chekhov? is a play which follows the imploding relationship of a couple in Shoreditch. In an attempt to salvage his deteriorating relationship with the world around him a painter splashes black paint onto canvas after canvas. His girlfriend, dressed in a long white gown as though in the wrong play, is sipping tea. A servant walks around offering an opened bottle of cava. Lunch is served.

The performance plays around with perspectives, like a painting that invites you to consider the object in front of you from different angles. In parallel to this, the story of a breakdown unravels. There are a number of different ways the work is inviting you to view it, but each angle considers the motif of ‘the end of an era’. We started to devise the play as we came to the end of our studies at drama school, as a way of posing the question and now what?

Tell us a bit about yourselves as artists.

all good artists are dead is made up of four very different women, creating our own absurd world and our own entirely distinctive aesthetic and practice. We devise using existing works of art and write on top of them. The results are often self referential, self aware and fiercely modern.

Ella, Andrea and Dina, who make up the core of the company, come from England, Croatia, Russia, Cuba and Sweden. We live in London and Malmo. We’ve experienced dictatorships and wars, communism and capitalism, high art and low life, and these dualities are reflected in the work we make.

Our previous work, JOY – a post coitus concert, combined electro beats with lyrical prose, exploding convention through the aftermath of a sexual encounter. It was performed at Bergen Fringe, RADA Festival, Prague Fringe, VAULT Festival, Bloomsbury Festival, the Birkbeck Centre of Contemporary Theatre and Lights of Soho Gallery. Also, we were recently made a New Diorama Theatre Emerging Company 2019/20. ‘Who’s Afraid of Anton Chekhov?’ is being supported by Arts Council England.

Why do you think it’s important to put your idea in front of an audience and how do you think it will affect its development?

The idea needs to meet who it was made for, or else ‘Who’s Afraid of Anton Chekhov?’ doesn’t exist. You never quite know who it was made for, and that’s what we’re about to discover in Live Drafts! This opportunity has already inspired us greatly to keep making work and is making us confident that there’s somebody out there that wants it and respects it.

What about Live Drafts are you most excited about and what other shows are you most looking forward to?

Being part of The Yard’s community is really exciting to us, we can’t wait to exchange ideas and be inspired by the artists we’re sharing the space with. We have a big respect for The Yard and ultimately, we can’t believe we’re performing here. We’re looking forward to seeing Long Boys’ Big Ugly because we’ve read it’s about skipping the boring bit, and that’s what we’re all about! We love music in shows so Eirini Kartsaki and Tasos Stamou’s electroacoustic composition make Monday night a really exciting one. And we can’t wait to see Hot Cousin’s show Don’t Talk To Strangers, who share The Yard with us on Tuesday 2nd. See you there!

Catch Who’s Afraid of Anton Chekhov by all good artists are dead on July 2 at 9pm. Tickets £5.