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Sending The Yard Your Writing

15 October 2018

Are you a writer who wants to work at The Yard? We’re changing the way we read your work.

Providing a platform for writers  has always been central to what The Yard does. But, as a small and busy team, we’ve not been able to read as many of your scripts as we would have liked. So we’re changing the way we read your work.

How it will work:

Have a script you’d like us to read? Twice a year we’ll open up submissions for scripts, asking you to send us a 10 page sample of your writing and a single page telling us more about you and your piece. All of these will be read by our core team, as well as a small group of trusted readers.

From there we will request full scripts from writers, whose ideas excite us and whose work we think could be a good fit for The Yard’s programme.

After reading your script we may get in touch to set up a meeting to discuss your work, offer dramaturgical notes, or request further writing. If on the other hand we feel that your writing isn’t quite right for us, we’ll be in touch to let you know. Whatever the outcome, You will hear from us no later than 6 weeks after the submissions deadline closes.

We hope that through this more transparent and accessible process we will be able to begin relationships with exciting new writers that will lead to future conversations, collaborations and commissions.

Submissions are open now. The next deadline for sending us your writing is: 3 December 2018

Visit our artists page for more information.