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Safe(r) Spaces Policy

Being Accountable

We are all a part of making The Yard a welcoming and inspiring space. Through this information we hope to engage visitors in a culture of care and responsibility to ensure that everyone has a great visit.

As guests, employees and visiting performers or artists of The Yard we are all responsible for our behaviour and actions within the space. We are all accountable for how we speak or act and should consider at all times how those actions might be affecting other people around us.

No Judgement

People’s boundaries, backgrounds and beliefs are all different. What safety looks and feels like is entirely unique to every individual. Please treat everyone with respect and as equals.

Zero Tolerance

We have a zero tolerance towards any kind of aggressive or invasive behaviour; this includes any form of physical or verbal abuse.

Racist, sexist or any kind of discriminatory remarks, attitudes or behaviour towards anyone at The Yard Theatre are not acceptable. Any individual who demonstrates this kind of behaviour means they are no longer a welcome visitor of The Yard and will be asked to leave.

Alcohol consumption can never excuse negative behaviour. Know your limits and also those of your friends.


If you need immediate support or assistance during an event please find any of the bar or security staff. Be confident that you will always have our support and trust in any situation.

We work closely with all the venues in Queens Yard and these actions may result in a ban from the other spaces in the area.

If you would like to raise any issues or concerns, before or after an event then please email us: