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A Kettle Of Fish

24 September - 13 October, 8pm

She’s on a plane. She’s 30,000 feet in the air. And on the ground, back home, an emergency is unfolding.

Lisa is on her way to a new country for her work. She has spent months learning. She’s read the books, she’s watched the YouTube videos. She knows this business.

But something has happened thousands of feet below, hundreds of miles away. A disaster. A tragedy. Something that prompts her to question what is more important to her; where she has come from? Or where she is going?

Experience immersive and intimate sound design as reality warps around Lisa and she is forced to make a decision in the sky.

From Brad Birch, writer of the ★★★★ Tremor and The Brink, returning director Caitlin McLeod (★★★★ Brenda, 2015), and the massive talent of actor Wendy Kweh (Julius Caesar, The Bridge; Snow in Summer, RSC), comes the premiere of an otherworldly one-woman show that asks whether we have any control over anything at all.

Photography by Helen Murray.

Read Sound Designer Max Pappenheim’s interview about the immersive sound design delivered through headphones.

The Immersive Soundscape of A Kettle of Fish

Running time: 1 hour 10 minutes with no interval.
Age guidance: 12+ due to to strong language


A Kettle of Fish features immersive sound through headphones.

Access tickets are priced at £15 and can be booked online. We offer free tickets for companions and these must be booked over the phone (020 3111 0570) or by emailing


  • Writer - Brad Birch
  • Director - Caitlin McLeod
  • Designer - Ingrid Hu
  • Lighting Designer - Joshua Gadsby
  • Composer and Sound Designer - Max Pappenheim
  • Video Designer - Tegid Cartwright
  • Stage Manager on The Book - Devika Ramcharan
  • Production Manager - Seb Cannings
  • Casting Director - Ruth O'Dowd CDG
  • Assistant Stage Manager - Isobel Eagle-Wilsher


  • Lisa - Wendy Kweh