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A New and Better You

26 June — 14 July

Look at those tracksuit bottoms. Look at that t-shirt. When was the last time those were washed? What’s that on the front? Is that sauce? What a clear example of what not to be.

This is a story of how things can be different. How you can make a change. Let’s start with your body. You can have that body you desire. That other people desire.

Get on that treadmill. Put the work in! Improve absolutely everything and become something magnificent. Something beautiful. Something expensive. Someone we respect.

A New and Better You is the premiere of a fearless and funny show written by Joe Harbot, directed by Cheryl Gallacher and produced by the theatre that brought you the ★★★★★ shows Buggy Baby and This Beautiful Future.

First performed as part of First Drafts, July 2017.


Access tickets are priced at £12 and can be booked online. We offer free tickets for companions and these must be booked over the phone (020 3111 0570) or by emailing

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