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A New and Better You

26 June — 14 July

When I look at you I think—
And I’m sure a lot of people think—
What a clear example you are—
What a clear example of what not to be
Of what to avoid—
What a waste of space, I think.

You self sabotage. You’re always on your phone. You procrastinate. Your bathroom has mould on the shower. You don’t exercise regularly. You don’t eat your recommended five a day.

But it’s not too late – it’s never too late! Things can be different! You can make a change – you’re the master of your own destiny after all.  It’s all down to you. Society’s not going to change for you, so you need to change for society.

The premiere of a hilarious, surreal and motivational show written by Joe Harbot and directed by Cheryl Gallacher. A New and Better You asks you to take action, to improve absolutely everything and to become something magnificent. Because that’s what you want. This is what you want.

First performed as part of First Drafts, July 2017.


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