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An unfinished man

26 August — 26 September

Kayode hasn’t had a job in seven years.

(Can’t we juss name it? – Ur depressed.)

He needs to get help –

(Therapy won’t undo the spell, Kayode.)

His marriage is suffering –

(I need ya help ta stage an intervention.)

His mother knows what to do.

(The Lord told me and I went to Pastor Matanmi.)

Can Kayode be cured?

This is Channel 4 Playwrights’ Scheme winner and BBC TV Drama Writers’ Programme 2020 participant Dipo Baruwa-Etti’s debut play, directed by Taio Lawson. Juju exists, spirits battle and the witches and wizards of Lagos chant loudly in East London.


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Age guidance: 14+


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  • Writer Dipo Baruwa-Etti
  • Director Taio Lawson
  • Designer Rosie Elnile

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