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The Amazing Limbourg Brothers

10 January, 7.15pm

£5 / £7.50 for double bill

“Illumination is an inadequate form of discourse. There can be no illustration after Agincourt.”
“The Battle of Agincourt hasn’t happened yet.”
“That’s the reason we’re still drawing.”

The Limbourg Brothers are impoverished medieval freelance creatives. They wanted to start a rock band but ‘The Limbourg Brothers’ is a crap name for rock band so they went into illumination instead.

When they are commissioned to create ‘A Very Rich Book of Hours’ for the Duc de Berry, it looks like their careers might finally be about to take off. But if you live in a world where the Black Death is lurking around every corner, success is never as certain as it seems …

The Amazing Limbourg Brothers is a 21st century medieval comedy about the nature of death and our obsession with images.

Image from The Very Rich Book of Hours