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First Drafts

29 November — 15 December

“Who doesn’t want to be in the audience for the moment a brilliant idea starts to come to life?” – Evening Standard on First Drafts

First Drafts returns with a fortnight of big, bold, untested ideas that are so new that we don’t even know what they are yet.

For 2 weeks in December, we’re going to welcome 15 artists to The Yard stage to share a brand new idea in front of an audience for the first time. Don’t ask us who, because we haven’t found them yet.

If you’ve got the germ of an idea for a show, the first draft of a script, or just something you want to try out at The Yard, then submit your idea to be part of First Drafts.

Work that begins at First Drafts will shape The Yard’s future programme. Ideas from Jerwood First Drafts in 2015 included Made Visible by Deborah Pearson and Removal Men by M.J. Harding; two shows that we we went on to produce as four-week runs

“Ideas first seen here will go on to form our programme over the next three years. If you’re looking for the future of theatre, The Yard is where you’ll find it.”
Jay Miller, Artistic Director

Oh yeah, and tickets are a fiver.

Rehearsal space provided with support from Theatre Delicatessen 


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