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First Drafts: Eleanor Sikorski

5 December, 7.30pm

Peek-a-boo with the Apocalypse

Peek-a-boo with the Apocalypse straddles Eleanor’s emotional relationship to the end of the world and her D.I.Y. fascination with the theatrical reveal. Sometimes she can see the gut wrenching enormity of the universe revealed in the everyday, sometimes she is thrown off her feet by small things and sometimes she is bored by spectacle.

This piece is about transformation and scale and how much or little it takes for us to be surprised by what we see.

See in double bill with NICK FINEGAN for £7.50


  • Collaborator- James Morgan

About Eleanor Sikorski

Eleanor Sikorski is a dancer and choreographer. Her solo work spans performance, music and film and is made for both theatres and social spaces. She works as a dancer for several choreographers and co-leads ‘Nora’, a trio of dancers who curate and commission choreographers to make work for them to perform.