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First Drafts: Nick Finegan

5 December, 9pm

Deep In The Garden of Light

“The sight of London to my exiled eyes

Is as Elysium to a new-come soul.”

Inspired by the aesthetics of underground dance culture, Deep In The Garden of Light is both a feeling and a figment of your imagination. It will be set to a live electronic score and use Christopher Marlowe’s Edward II as a base text through which to explore ideas around urban loneliness and queer identity.

Marlowe’s original tragedy will be melted down and recast into a cityscape of hi-octane genderfuckery, post-internet persona play, classical dance, sweaty pop-choreography and haute couture fashion.

Elysium never smelt so good…

See in double bill with ELEANOR SIKORSKI for £7.50

About Nick Finegan

Nick Finegan is a theatre+film maker from London. He has a hopelessly over-saturated imagination that gives birth to works which ooze with neon-soaked romance and colourful queer anger. His interdisciplinary approach merges classical theatre, experimental video and electronic music. Nick’s first full scale theatre piece ‘ECHO_NARCISSUS’ debuted at The Yard as part of NOW 16 and his most recent film work screened at BFI Southbank and online with DAZED magazine. He is very excited to explore the beautiful sewers of Marlowe’s canon and dive into First Drafts with some brand new unpolished work.