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First Drafts: Call it a Day

14 July

Greg Wohead

Two couples; one liberal, one conservative. One progressive, one traditional. One secular, one faithful.

Call it a Day stems from a real meeting with a traditional Amish couple. From a remembered account of one afternoon, an almost musical series of repetitions are set in motion. A strange and kaleidoscopic examination of how we control our self-presentation and how we lose it.


  • Greg Wohead
  • Vera Chok
  • Season Butler
  • Tim Bromage

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Greg is a writer, performer and live artist originally from Texas. He prioritises a sense of the personal and the exposing, and his practice veers between writing and actions, hilarity and disgust, things that are obvious and things that are left unsaid.

He has toured in the UK, US and Europe, most recently with The Ted Bundy Project, Hurtling and Comeback Special. He has shown and developed new work with Battersea Arts Centre, Bristol Old Vic, Mayfest, Northern Stage, Forest Fringe, Orchard Project (New York), MAKE (Ireland), Bios (Athens), LAX Festival (Los Angeles), Fusebox Festival (Austin) and ArtPower (San Diego). He is an Associate Artist at The Yard and Shoreditch Town Hall.


Call it a Day is produced in partnership with Los Angeles Performance Practice and was initially developed as part of the Los Angeles Performance Practice residency program with the Center for the Art of Performance at UCLA. Seed commissioned by Shoreditch Town Hall. Developed at and supported by The Yard Theatre. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England.