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First Drafts: My Kind Of Michael

23 July — 24 July

Nick Cassenbaum

Tickets £5

Ever since Nick was a kid Barrymore was his hero. This show tries to put a finger on what made him so funny and what was behind his stage persona. Barrymore was a kind performer, Nick will be treating him with the same kindness.



  • Made by Nick Cassenbaum
  • Director- Danny Braverman
  • Producer- Sian Baxter

Since starting to work within theatre Nick has always focused on the way we interact with spaces and people and what that can tell us about ourselves. He does this in a variety of ways. He disrupts our use of it with street theatre; from having old ladies fall in love with him to almost being beaten up and is now an old hat at performing just about anywhere. With his other company, take stock exchange, Nick aims to build empathy within a wide range of community groups by collecting and sharing their stories.

He has made work for the Soho Theatre, The Royal Court and Battersea Arts Centre. His most recent show, Bubble Schmeisis, has toured and is continuing to tour the UK throughout 2017 and will be premiering in the USA in 2018. For more information please visit: