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27 October — 28 November

Peace is just a gap between wars

Our four young soldiers lie awake in their lines*. Trained and ready but with no one to fight, their thoughts turn to war, to violence, to heroism.

Bored comrades, they laugh, joke and dream together. But on the inside, their minds wage a war on themselves and each other.

Following a century of war, 2015 is the first year the British army is not engaged in combat. But what is the consequence of this peace?

The Yard’s Artistic Director Jay Miller (The Mikvah Project) and writer Pamela Carter (Skåne, Paul Bright’s Confessions of a Justified Sinner) have been speaking with our retired, current and future soldiers to explore the need for violence in us all.

LINES is The Yard’s third in-house production and follows the sold-out successes of The Mikvah Project and Beyond Caring (National Theatre).

*Lines is the accommodation in our barracks, where our soldiers sleep. It is where they clean their laundry, their weapons and their bodies.


  • Written by Pamela Carter
  • Directed by Jay Miller
  • Designed by Alex Lowde
  • Lighting Design by Martin Langthorne
  • Sound Design by Josh Grigg
  • Music Composed and Arranged by Manni Dee
  • Vocal Compositions by Ezra Burke
  • Video by Ling Lee


  • Tony Clay
  • Ncuti Gatwa
  • Tom Gill
  • Robbie O’Neill

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