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7 October, 7.30pm


Luisa Amorim has never made a dance piece.
Luisa Amorim is not a dancer or a choreographer.
Luisa Amorim likes to challenge herself.

Husky Voices is a grotesque dance piece and a choreographed poem about jealousy, relationships that asks: How does an almost pathologically jealous woman survive a relationship? How will a non-dancer create a dance piece?

12+ | This performance contains swearing and some sexual references 


About Luisa Amorim

Luisa Amorim is a Portuguese performance artist currently based in London. She studied Drama in Lisbon at ESTC and completed a MA in Performance Making at Goldsmiths University of London. Amorim is interested in mixing personal life with work, bringing (and/or transforming) real life into the stage. She often explores notions of ‘real’ and ‘real time’, often engaging with her audience. Lately, she is founding herself working in a kind of abstract way, using the 4th wall, and trying to understand how to bridge dance, poetry, performance art and her questions.