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Live Drafts: Tom Halls

14 September, 9pm


Serially Queer is unstitching body bags and peering into queer interconnectedness and internalised self-loathing.

A microphone and a queer. This isn’t a soapbox, it’s a confession.

Correspondence between the oppressor and the oppressed can often bring closure to a harmful relationship. Or it goes the other way too.

A mix of reality and fantasy, this piece blurs the lines to put the audience in physical proximity to someone who is not as they seem. With violence and fear driving world governance, this piece interrogates how the ‘other’ can be demonised to satiate the mainstream.


About Tom Halls

Tom Halls is a performance artist, originally from Melbourne, Australia and now based in Manchester, UK. He is co-founder of Hotel Now, a “gloriously entertaining” company focused on creating original Australian works in it’s fifth year of production, and TomYumSim, a performance duo using unconventional performance spaces for immersive experiences.

A graduate of Acting at the Victorian College of the Arts, Tom has performed and been programmed at Melbourne International Festival, Melbourne Fringe Hub, Melbourne Writers Festival, Fringe World Perth, La Mama Theatre and Poppy Seed Festival. He has worked with Guerilla Museum and The Boon Companions on their immersive performance events of scale, creating audience experiences that leave the participants with the ‘most magical experience of all’ (, 2016). Tom’s arts practice centres on creating works that challenge and test the relationship between audience and performer. Find more at