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Live Drafts Summer 19

01 July — 06 July

Live Drafts is about seeing the beginnings of shows before they’re fully developed, and seeing what a show can look like before it becomes a show. Nine artists share nine new ideas in one packed week of fizzing new theatre. Maybe it’s the first time an idea has ever been performed in front of an audience. Maybe it’s a third draft. Maybe bits don’t work yet. Maybe it’s extraordinary.

Shows first seen in Live Drafts include Made In China’s Super Duper Close Up and Pecs Drag King’s SEX SEX MEN MEN and loads more.

Tickets are £5, or £7.50 for a double bill. Come and see the very beginnings of some very brilliant theatre.

“Who doesn’t want to be in the audience for the moment a brilliant idea starts to come to life?” Evening Standard

Want to see your show in Live Drafts? Our next Live Drafts festival is in October, and the submission deadline is 25th July. More info here.


We offer free tickets for companions and these must be booked over the phone (0333 320 2896) or by emailing