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Live Drafts: Katy Dye

1 July, 7.30pm


The Fag and his Hag adore each other. The Fag and Hag walk hand in hand into the sunset. Fag turns to Hag and says I love you Hag, and Hag turns to Fag and says yassss Qweeen. The Fag loves the Hag. The Hag loves the Fag.

Fag love Hag.
Hag love Fag.
Fag Hag.

Join the Fag and the Hag for a night of of surreal karaoke, esoteric poetry, choreographed dance and an exploration of fag hag power dynamics.


  • Katy Dye
  • Craig Manson
About Katy Dye

Katy Dye is an award winning performance artist who explores difficult aspects of human nature. Her recent performances include Baby Face (★★★★ The Guardian) which explored the infantilisation of women, and Flag – an exploration of national identity. Her work has been supported by National Theatre of Scotland, Arts Council England and The Tom Hunter Foundation

About Craig Manson

Craig Manson is an artist based in Glasgow who makes performance for theatres, cabaret and clubs. Craig creates cheeky, playful performance work that is grounded in a queer context. His performances consciously shift between a show that’s to be taken seriously, and a show that’s completely ripping the piss. His shows ‘Gayboys’‘Selkie’ and ‘Bear’ are based around the over-identification of gay male identity. He has worked with the National Theatre of Scotland, the Centre For Contemporary Art and Buzzcut to present performance.