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Live Drafts: Hot Cousin

2 July, 7.30pm


An extraterrestrial love story.
A disco in a galaxy far far away.
A rom-com set a warp speed.

What could be more romantic than giving your lover a mixtape? That’s what Carl Sagan thought when he compiled his Golden Record on behalf of humanity in 1977 and sent it shooting off into space in the search of friendship, love and maybe something more.

Forty one years later – why haven’t the aliens messaged us back? Maybe because our profile came across as arrogant, homogeneous, colonial and sexist?

Part live art, part theatre, part subverted trashy love story and part intergalactic spacewalk, this draft is an intersectionalist critique of Sagan’s Golden Record.


  • Elana Binysh
  • Stephanie Fuller
  • Madeleine Lewis
  • Ally Poole - Sound Design
About Hot Cousin

Hot Cousin are a collective of  female-identifying practitioners who met through MA Advanced Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. We make experimental, structurally daring work that references pop culture, gossip, pastiche and satire. Our work is interdisciplinary and straddles the boundary of live art and theatre; we are dramaturgs, composers, choreographers, editors and performers. We are always ourselves, and we are always someone else. We use deadpan delivery, brash physicality and jarring sound art to re frame past events through intersectionalist narratives with a tongue firmly in one cheek.

Until that cheek bleeds.

Hot Cousin was named a 2019 LET Award
Shortlisted company and performed a
ten-minute extract of ‘Don’t Talk to
Strangers’ for the award showcase at The

About Elana Binysh

Elana Binysh works as a director, dramaturg and performer for companies such as Propolis Theatre, Tremolo Theatre and 10 women and a man. Her practice as a Live Artist explores her relationship to her invisible disability, and the semiotics of putting this on stage. She works for Disability Arts Company Diverse City.

About Stephanie Fuller

Stephanie Fuller is a director, teacher and theatre maker who has worked in the UK and Hong Kong. Her theatre company Ho Leng Loi predominantly made bilingual

work that interrogated female identity, relationships and positions in society. Drawing inspiration exclusively from female artists, Ho Leng Loi created work that considered how to make feminist work that is political but not didactic.

About Madeleine Lewis

Madeleine Lewis is a performing artist from Australia. A graduate of the Western Australian Academy of Performing Arts (WAAPA) and the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama (CSSD), Madeleine has worked in theatre across Australia and the UK, most recently as part of the interdisciplinary collective Theatre for Pigeons. Her solo work includes Super Awesome Best Friends Forever (Fringe World 2016), Dad Jokes (FAST 2015) and I Like Birds (National Skills Week Gala). Madeleine has worked as an assistant director to Andy Paris (Tectonic Theatre Project New York) and Dr. Fran Barbe as well as an Artistic Director of the Australian based Your Mouth Collective which recently received the coveted Queensland Theatre Independent Artists award scheme.

About Ally Poole

Ally Poole is a multidisciplinary artist from Texas. She is a classically trained actor and singer and has worked across theatre, film and opera. Her practice is an exploration of being both performer and scenographer; while inhabiting the roles of actor, sound artist and writer. Her work is a blend of live art, theatre and installation while covering issues of race, politics and pop culture through her perspective as a Black American. She is a graduate of Stephens College and is currently completing her MFA in Advance Theatre Practice at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama.