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2 May, 9pm


Breath. No pain, no gain. Enlightenment. Recover.

2 years ago, Barry met Bernárd. Both Irish, gay, and culturally Catholic. Barry is a performer. Bernárd is a priest.

Bernárd Lynch is an LGBTQ+ activist who delivered the last rites to queer men in the early AIDS years. His defiance of the Catholic Church resulted in them framing him for child abuse in a well-documented trial. Bernárd was found not guilty.

Weaving and blurring this extraordinary story with Barry’s own experiences of religion and sexuality, Outbox Theatre present a visceral exploration of queer spirituality. Expect latex. And running.


  • Writer/performer - Barry Fitzgerald
  • Director - Ben Burratta
  • Designer - Rūta Irbīte
  • Produced by The Queer House
About Outbox

Barry Fitzgerald is a performer and theatre-maker. He has recently worked as a performer with Punchdrunk and as a creative associate at The Royal Court. Barry is an associate artist with Outbox.

Outbox make work queerly, collaborating with LGBTQ+ performers and artists to tell stories in bold and exciting ways.

Their critically acclaimed work includes And The Rest Of Me Floats, Affection, Hookup, and You Could Move and programmed and performed in Birmingham Rep, Contact, Arcola, Shoreditch Town Hall, Hackney Showroom and mac, as well as site-responsive venues such The Glory and the Rose Lipman Building.