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NEXT: Eirini Kartsaki + Vanessa Macaulay

30 Nov - 1 Dec | Part of NEXT Festival

Eirini Kartsaki

HERPES | 7.30pm

Have you ever dreamed that you’re pregnant and woken up in a cold sweat?

Award-winning artist Eirini Kartsaki (BE Festival Audience Prize & Champ Libre prize) presents a show about desire, STIs, fantasising about the Duchess of Cambridge and not having babies. It plays with eroticism and humour to explore the ways we’re told we need to stop banging the whole world, because if we don’t we will of course get herpes.

HERPES is a refusal to settle down or settle in. It says I want to live my life as if it is mine, because it is mine. Even when what you hear on repeat is: get a husband. Get a mortgage. Have a baby. Be sensible. Be sensible. Be sensible.


Photo credits: Dani Harvey, Manuel Vason, Manu Valcarce


Vanessa Macaulay

Made Not Born | 9pm

In a country saturated by US influence, can there be there such a thing as a black, British female identity? From Swan Lake to the Spice Girls via a bodybuilder mother, Made Not Born is a show about the search for belonging.

Returning to The Yard after the huge success of How To Come Out Black in NOW 17, Vanessa has created a show about not fitting any mould.



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About Eirini

Eirini’s work, which is about and from the body, explores the thrill and wonder of eroticism, discovering, through the physicality of movement and the repetitive storytelling that ultimately, what we want is to want. It combines fictional and autobiographical narratives with coarse imagery in order to explore the solitude of desiring and the enigmatic nature of wanting.

Eirini creates and write on performances that use repetition as a structural and expressive means, interested in the repetition of performance in memory; she has presented work in conferences (Performance Studies International 13, New York, Repeat Repeat, Chester University, Live Performance Practice as Research, Royal Holloway, London) and various UK venues (V&A, The Basement, Whitechapel Gallery, Camden People’s Theatre, Arnolfini, Bristol, East End Collaborations).

Eirini has studied Theatre and Performance in Greece and the UK and have finished my doctoral research project at Queen Mary University of London. She has taught as a Visiting Lecturer for the MA Dance Theatre: The Body in Performance and have been the course leader of BA in Performing Arts at the University of Bedfordshire and worked at Anglia Ruskin University. Eirini is currently a Lecturer in Drama at East15 Acting School, University of Essex.

About Vanessa

Vanessa’s creative practice speaks to contemporary struggles and anxieties about navigating the world in a specific body. Her practice tends to be solo based and often orbits around movement, spoken word and film. I enjoy exploring identity through performance