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NOW 18 | Week 1

16 January — 20 January

Stacy Makishi

The Comforter // 7:30pm

Part ritual; part prayer; part rowdy revivalist rally, The Comforter is a rite of passage that reclaims spirituality and proposes a new perspective on church. Exchanging psalms and sacrament for 80’s/90’s pop culture, it draws inspiration from Twin Peaks and Ingmar Bergman and throws a kiss to George Michael.

The Comforter follows the powerfully moving and absurdly humorous Vesper Time (“a gorgeous hymn…for fearlessness, truth and love” Exeunt) that toured the UK. Together they make up the first two in a three-show series about the Holy Trinity. The Comforter is the Holy Ghost of the trio and it asks the question: ‘What am I unwilling to feel?’

Stacy is a multi-award winning artist who has been making work for 30 years. Join her to explore – through meditation, ritual and disco – what it means to be fully alive and fully human.

Photography by Maurizio Martorana.
Commissioned by The Yard Theatre, Marlborough Theatre, Norwich Arts Centre and Colchester Arts Centre. Supported using public funding by the National Lottery through Arts Council England and produced by Artsadmin.

Lucy Hutson

Bi-Curious George and Other Sidekicks // 9pm

Professor ‘the Amazing’ Addrian is a children’s entertainer and Punch and Judy man extraordinaire. He’s also Lucy’s dad. As a child, Lucy would help Addrian with his shows, collecting money, performing tricks and even doing a stint as Curious George.

Following previous NOW smash-hits Bound (NOW 15) and Britney Spears Custody Battle Vs. Zeus in Swan Rape Shocker (NOW 14, “I was bowled over” Lyn Gardner, The Guardian), Lucy is back. And this time she’s bringing her dad with her. They’ll reminisce through rose-tinted glasses, re-enact childhood magic tricks and reflect on what it means to choose a life led in front of an audience.

Expect screaming, hilarity and teenage exasperation as glib entertainer and an earnest artist lock heads leaving the question: where do these performers go from here?

Commissioned by Colchester Arts Centre, supported by and developed at The Yard Theatre


Access tickets are priced at £17 and can be booked online. We offer free tickets for companions and these must be booked over the phone (020 3111 0570) or by emailing

About the Artists

Stacy Makishi

Stacy Makishi is a transplant from Hawaii. Like a bonsai plant, Makishi is small but old. She has been making art for over 30 years.

A cross-fertilization of theatre, comedy, film and visual art, her work is as complex as it is accessible; humorous as it is challenging; visual as it is literate. It ranges across solo performances for stage, large-scale outdoor participatory projects and intimate one-to-ones. Also a teacher, director and mentor in international demand, Makishi believes in art’s transformative power and strives to share her creative process with others in order to put more aloha into the world.

Lucy Hutson

Lucy Hutson is a performance artist and agitator whose work questions human nature and interrupts social order. Lucy likes to work with found objects and unloved artefacts.

Lucy’s work engages with aspects of society that confuse or anger her. Often focusing on capitalism and gender politics, her work manifests itself in interventions, installations, solo performances, film and intimate encounters. Lucy’s work has been seen as part of SPILL Festival of Performance, Arches Live, Duckie and internationally as part of City of Women festival in Slovenia. Lucy is a Steakhouse Live Associate Artist and an Escalator East Live Artist.