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NOW 19 | Week 2

22 January — 26 January

Last Yearz Interesting Negro + Rowdy SS

48 Hours :

to be open, to forge an opening, to allow possibility to inform probability.

48hours : is a meeting between two bodies. It is both public and private. It is a place where the live moment – in all its heat and complexity – is centred.

Entangled, together, alone, apart; what is it to be with, to sit with, to move through, and to move for?

Time is a drag, fleeting, a construction, a cage and a gift.

48hours : is an evolving collaboration between internationally acclaimed artists Rowdy SS and Last Yearz Interesting Negro.


Hotter Than A Pan

Using choreography as a site for the expansion of possibility, Hotter Than A Pan triumphs beyond the politics of identification by seeking the untold power in the undercurrent, marginal, and non-linear aspects of melancholia.

There is reference to sexual assault in this show

Last Yearz Interesting Negro

Last Yearz Interesting Negro makes performances involving dance, video, electronic music and sculpture. They also curate events and host conversations. Working with in-between spaces, syncopation, trance states, internal narratives, intensities, overwhelm, electronic music, and small dances to affect/disrupt/deflect/distort/reflect gaze(s) directed towards their body, and to cope with Being. Resultant choreographies are stage/dreamspace/battleground, working through questions of presence, visibility, responsibility and pleasure, building atmospheric landscapes through the live unfolding of the tensions between things that produce meaning, for situating and expanding (or dismantling) their ‘identity’ and turning it into theatre.

Their current research is around boundaries, betrayal, nonbelonging, scale and trans/formation, on personal/structural/symptomatic/somatic  levels. Thinking about impact and exchange through/in/as movement, considering the intimacy and treachery of performance.

In the work, Liveness is considered as a situation of exchange, a quality, a proposition, a system of relations and in addressing the agency of the spectator, considering choreographic space as social space in order to facilitate immersive, emergent spaces for performer/s and spectator/s.

They collaborate under various names. Collaborators include Phoebe Collings-James, Alexandrina Hemsley, Fernanda Muñoz-Newsome and Shelley Parker.

Rowdy SS

Rowdy SS is a London born and based artist.

Often working at the intersection of sound/music, dance/movement and live performance alongside making videos; his works have delved into love, explored the societal implications of being, first a black boy then man and mined life to share his vision of said life.

His current project is an on going work and includes original sound/music compositions, video, dance and movement as tools for performance to create other spaces, dream/meditative states, exploring repetition and surprise movement, and counter movement. variations of a theme, motifs. moments of definition defined by the previous, reliant to predecession and that, which follows.

Rowdy was previously a member of Atari Teenage Riot, a Berlin based noise band and has worked closely with numerous artists and makers such as legendary dub creator Lee Scratch Perry, Ron Arad, Elisha Leverock Smith, musicians Eska, Zero 7, Matthew Herbert, acid house pioneer Adamski and has put on successful club nights ‘SOAP’ a no photos allowed subversive bass heavy alt trap/post-grime night space and ‘SONIC’ a club night space of inter-active sound/peformance art and DJin in London.

Current collaborations include works with dancer/choreographer/artist Jamilla Johnson-Small (48hours, Fury1), sound compsitions/performances for artist Rebecca Bellantoni and a performance work ‘Doing Sub-thinking’ with Alex Mirutiziu.