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Ponyboy Curtis presents: vs.

06 June — 17 June

A new show devised and performed by Ponyboy Curtis.

“It feels like a tiger has just walked into the room, and I don’t want to bottle it and break eye contact.” – Megan Vaughan on Ponyboy Curtis.

Two years ago, Chris Goode came to The Yard with an idea. An idea that sounded too good not to test out.

Six months later we watched in awe as everything we thought we knew about theatre no longer made sense.

Ponyboy Curtis had arrived.

In 2016, they returned. While the world appeared to fall around us, the Ponyboys were falling into each other. Colliding, kissing, tattooing themselves.

So we’ve invited them back again.

vs. is Ponyboy’s most ambitious project to date. This time, their signature blend of revolutionary horseplay and boy-on-boy romance is tangling up with a cultural icon — Stravinsky’s Rite of Spring — to conjure an unconstrained love poem to the feral city and the queerness of the ground beneath our feet.

We know just enough about it to know that we don’t know what to expect.


  • Director - Chris Goode