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Super Duper Close Up

13 - 24 November, 8pm

“A company that knows full well how to be both achingly hip and terrifyingly savage”
Lyn Gardner, The Guardian

We’re all starring in the movie of our life. Selfie after selfie, post after post. It’s exhausting. So take a break. Bask in the glow of the big screen as someone else has a go. See the heroine all dewy-eyed as the camera zooms in. And in. And in.

Get set for a live-filmed Lynchian ride through the anxieties of an unsettlingly ordinary woman’s existence. An epic journey to everywhere and nowhere, through a labyrinth of click-bait and pop cliché, via an infinite stream of frozen pouts and desperate smiles.

Razor sharp innovators Made In China return following the “brilliantly subversive” ★★★★ Double Double Act (Time Out) and “murderously entertaining” ★★★★ Tonight I’m Gonna Be The New Me (The Guardian).

A tragicomic and hypnotic explosion of film, movement and words, Super Duper Close Up asks what a girl is to do when everything is virtual, and virtually everything is for sale.

Are you ready for your close-up?


Access tickets are priced at £15 and can be booked online. We offer free tickets for companions and these must be booked over the phone (020 3111 0570) or by emailing

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