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The Mikvah Project

17 February — 21 March

When Adam was banished from Eden, he sat in the river that flowed from the garden. Adam immersed in the water, in the very first Mikvah, repenting, begging to transform back to an original state of perfection.

Avi sings like an angel. He likes his job. He is childless.

Eitan’s voice is breaking. He is at college. He has wet dreams.

They both seek a change.

Every Friday they immerse in the holy water of the Mikvah, participating in a traditional Jewish ritual. They talk about football. They talk about their synagogue. They talk about women. And as their bond deepens a transformation begins.

With ancient rituals, live singing and an onstage Mikvah, Josh Azouz’s playful and poignant play explores the limits of love.

The Yard Theatre presents this new play directed by Artistic Director Jay Miller.


  • Director- Jay Miller
  • Writer- Josh Azouz
  • Producer- Tamara Moore
  • Production Manager- Andy Reader
  • Designer- Cécile Trémolieres
  • Sound Designer- Josh Grigg
  • Lighting Designer- Josh Pharo
  • Composer- Ezra Burke


  • Eitan- Oliver Coopersmith
  • Avi- Jonah Russell

With support from