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Yardlings: Bigger | Obsession Party

9 July, 7pm

“Without it, I would not be the proper me. My life would not be the same.”

A playground cabaret.
A primary school Coachella.
A rock concert fantasia for the Fortnite generation.

A show about the things we can’t stop thinking about from The Yard’s in-house company of 7-11 year olds. Together with international performance duo emma + pj this energetic company of young people are ready to take you into a world of obsessions. Expect original tunes, riotous fun and lots of slime.

Yardlings: Bigger are sharp and they are wild, they are full of chaos and brimming with ideas. In partnership with Gainsborough Primary School, Mossbourne Riverside Academy, St Dominic’s Primary School and brilliant professional artists, we experiment with little people’s big ideas and create phenomenal work by young people to share with the world.

Tickets are £5, although free tickets are available for anyone who needs them. We call these Open Concessions.


  • Lead Conspirators: Emma Clark & PJ Stanley
  • Co-Conspirators: Katie Greenall and Debbie Lewis

With support from

About emma + pj

emma + pj are an international performance duo creating work primarily across the UK and US. / @emmaandpj