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New ideas from The Committee

The Yard’s brilliant youth leaders have been working all year in East Village, the former athletes village from The Games. The Yard has just opened, THE HALL, a new community space in the heart of East Village and The Committee want to make sure it works for young people.

They’ve been scoping out the area, talking to young people, putting on events, collecting data and now they have some ideas.

Over the next few weeks, The Committee will be trialling three new types of activity.

  1. YOUTH PUB: The Pub without The Pints.


  3. ART STUDIO: Making spaces for creative types

Dates and more information coming soon, but if you’d like to be the first to hear about these activities, let us know by emailing


If you’d like to get even more involved, you can sign up to join The Committee. Read about that here.

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